Midland Seniors Indoor Bowling League

Constitution (as revised at AGM 5th April 2017)


The Association shall be called the Midland Seniors Indoor Bowling League. Hereinafter to be called the MSIBL.

1. Objectives

a. To promote and develop the Indoor game of bowls throughout the area of the Member Counties for Over 55 Senior Bowlers.
b.. To adopt and abide by the Laws of the International Bowling Board, the British Isles Bowling Council and the English Indoor Bowling Association.
c. To organise the principle activity of the MSIBL the Inter County League with additional Special Invitation Matches.

2. Membership

a. Membership of the MSIBL shall comprise of the following County Bowling Associations: Derbyshire, Durham, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire and Yorkshire (2 delegates from each county) with the addition of an elected Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary.
b. Application for new membership to the MSIBL shall first be considered and determined at a Committee Meeting. Any recommendation approving the application to be by a majority vote and forwarded to the next AGM for confirmation.
c. The benefits of membership will depend upon payment of an Annual Subscription which shall be decided at the AGM and which will become due before 1st October each year.

3. Administration

a. The affairs of the MSIBL shall be run by a Committee consisting of: Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and Results Secretary together with two delegates from each County (which may at any time amend their nominees).
b. Candidates for the Committee must be members of the affiliated County.
c. The Committee will decide the format of the MSIBL, its competitions and the Inter County League
d. A quorum shall be 6 persons.
e. Should the urgency of any matter prevent the proper calling of a General Meeting a Select Committee comprising the Secretary plus two Committee Members shall act providing any decision will be subject to the approval at the next Annual or Special General Meeting.

4. Election of Officers

a. At the AGM the current Chairman shall retire and each County in alphabetical rotation will be invited to propose the new Chairman.
b. At the AGM the Committee shall elect the following officers: Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Results Secretary and Auditor.
c. County Delegates are to be proposed and accepted (two per county).

5. General Meetings

a. An Annual General Meeting shall be held before 30th April each year. Notice of the AGM shall be sent by the Secretary to members at least 21 days before the Meeting together with an agenda.
b. Notices of Motion for the AGM shall be submitted to the Secretary so as to reach him no later than 28 days before the date of the AGM. The Member proposing the Motion must attend the AGM.
c. An honorarium may be paid to the Secretary as shall be determined at the AGM. The amount of the honorarium will be determined at the AGM.,
d. A Special General Meeting can be requested by any 3 Committee Members one of whom must be either the Chairman or Secretary.
e. A Special General Meeting shall be held not less than 21 days nor more than 28 days after the requisition and shall deal only with the business specified in the resolution or requisition. A notice setting out the resolution or requisition must be sent to all Members by the Secretary at least 7 days before the SGM.

6. Voting

Any Committee Member of the MSIBL may attend and speak at the Meeting and have a vote.

7. Administrative and Financial Year

a. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep a record of all business transacted at Meetings of the MSIBL and shall keep and render to the AGM a precise account of the income and expenditure for the past year duly audited by the Honorary Auditor.
b. The Financial Year will end at midnight on the 31st March.

8. Constitutional Approval of Honorary Life Members

a. The MSIBL may at any AGM elect as Honorary Life Member any gentleman whose service in the interest of bowls in the MSIBL is such as to merit this distinction.
b. All MSIBL Chairman will be bestowed this Honour and become Honorary Life Members on retirement from their year of office.
c. The name of any other proposed new Honorary Life Member shall first be submitted to and then approved at a Committee Meeting of the MSIBL.
e. All Honorary Life Members shall have the right to attend and full voting powers at all Meetings.
NB: To save administration costs only active Honorary Life Members will be sent an Agenda and Minutes.

Updated following 2017 AGM